Official’s Uniform

Minimum Requirements

Shirt - $44.99


Black/white, vertically-striped, short sleeve, V-neck shirt.

NOTE: Some Basketball Referee shirts have 3″ black panels on the sides of the shirts. DO NOT wear these for High School or Junior High. The shirts with panels are for College Officials.

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Pants - $47.99


Entirely black slacks.

NOTE: The Official’s manual says that belt can be worn and shall be all black. However, it is very uncommon for Officials to wear belts with their uniform.

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Shoes - $99.99


Shoes must be entirely black with black laces.

NOTE: DO NOT wear shoes that are mostly black with a logo or shoelaces that are white or any other color. Shoes must be all black.

Common Option


Whistle & Lanyard - $8




A black, pealess whistle shall be used with an all-black lanyard. Most Officials use a Fox 40 whistle. It’s also good to carry a spare whistle and lanyard.

Whistles and Lanyards

Undershirt and Socks

A black undershirt is required as well as all black socks that cover your ankles.


Jacket - $44.99


Entirely black with an association patch on the left side.


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