Pregame List

New Rules

Points of Emphasis

Game Management


Rough Play

  • Advantage or disadvantage
  • Freedom of movement
  • Patient whistle
  • Call the obvious
  • Don’t bail out offensive player—verticality
  • Incidental contact vs legitimate contact


Clock Management

  • Responsibility on every whistle
  • Under a minute
  • Initial starting



  • Eye contact with partners
  • Verbally and visually confirm # of free throws
  • Get shooter on partner’s fouls
  • Know bonus 1 and 1 or double
  • Come together on unusual plays,
    Discuss, get it right!



  • Acknowledge questions, not statements
  • Respond


Special Areas of Interest

  • Fighting- players, bench ramifications
  • Correctable errors



  • Lead, trail, and center positioning
  • Primary area of coverage
  • Trouble spots
  • Stay with shooter in your area
  • Rebounding coverage
  • Don’t bail out
  • Double whistles
  • Trust partner

Game Protocol


Bench Decorum

  • Coaches must stay in coaching box
  • Deal with out-of-control coach
  • Assistant coaches may not address officials


Game Expectations

  • Potential problems
  • Key players
  • Style of play
  • Game management concerns


Table Personnel

  • Eye contact
  • Number of horns
  • Errors notify immediately
  • New Rules


Post Game

  • Leave with partners
  • Review game, unusual situations, missed calls, etc.
  • Contact supervisors with anything odd
  • Obtain tape, if possible


Final Thoughts

  • Stay in Primary
  • If a call need to be made for the good of the game GET IT!
  • Let partner live and die with call in their primary
  • Consistency
  • Same play, same call
  • Let play stare, develop, finish, then decision
  • Referee the Defense



  • With partners, table, coaches, players
  • Hustle
  • Get angle to see the play
  • Take care of business