Texas Exceptions

Foul Reporting – Clear the players, make eye contact with scorer and start the report while walking.

2-Person Mechanics – Officials should only switch on shooting fouls and the foul-calling official will go table side. If foul-calling official is already on table side there will be no switch.

Time-out procedure in both 2-Person & 3-Person during a 30-second time-out – Go to the top of the 3-point circle.  On a 60-second time-out, go to free-throw lane blocks opposite the bench area. In 3-Person, one official stays at the throw-in spot or at the end-line that free-throws will be taken. In 2-Person put the ball on the floor at throw-in spot or on the free-throw line if free-throws are going to be attempted.

3-Person Mechanics – Texas officials will not make a long switch when calling a foul in the backcourt as “Lead”. The official that called the foul at “Lead” will clear players to report to the table and then go back and become the “Trail” official.