Good Morning, We had a very good rookie thru 3rd year meeting yesterday, a few vets showed up (Mitchell Lee, Moses Shelby, and Chip Morgan). Just a few of the good things that came out of it. 1) After a game is over, We immdiately get out of the gym, don’t chase the ball, Get your partner and get out. 2) We may be visiting too much during time outs, get to your desginated spot follow timeout protocal. If you have warned a player or Coach and need to let your partners know thats ok, and toward the end of a close ballgame you may want to come together briefly to discuss the situtaion. 3) After much heated debate, and undershirt if worn must be the predominate color of the top, try to catch it during warmup, and be very lenient on freshman and jr high players (maybe tell them not to wear it next time). Things you can do to help me because I love assigning, its the reassigning or the re-reassigning I am not as fond of. Set your Blocks, Call Your Partners the day before at least, If you can’t reach them let me know at least the day before. If you sign a tournament sheet saying your available a certain time, try to remember to call me if something changes before we assign, because it won’t be one change that will happen. It may be 4 or 5 because that is how tight we are running. Have a Good Day. Enjoy your games. Dan